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How millet contributes to beautiful nails

Brittle, coarse nails, an increased formation of ridges or a frequently inflamed nail bed. All these factors can significantly impair your well-being. Healthy, firm nails are a synonym for beauty, health and vitality. There is just no room for brittle, coarse, soft or splitting nails because we all long for strong, naturally shining nails. Thanks to unique ingredients, HIRSANA® golden millet oil capsules bring out the best in your nails.

Nails and healthy eating

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, our eating habits and diet are factors that we can influence ourselves. Healthy eating involving vitamins, minerals and trace minerals forms the basis for a healthy body and hence also a healthy appearance. A balanced diet not only helps to strengthen the immune system in the event of colds or a high temperature, but it is also clearly visible to everyone if a body is in good shape or not. Shiny nails without traces of deficiencies demonstrate that the body radiates a feeling of well-being from the inside.

Schöne Nägel dank der Wirkung von Hirse

The effects of millet

Millet is a thoroughly healthy ingredient. Millet is also the cereal with the highest mineral content and it is a well-known fact that it benefits hair, nails and skin.

Although we have known for centuries that millet makes «skin, hair and nails look beautiful», the positive characteristics of millet were only rediscovered during the past decades. Millet products are also available as dietary supplements and they are a very popular «beauty product».

Golden millet oil is unique

Millet is not just millet. Millet or golden millet is a type of flour that is processed in large quantities. In comparison to valuable golden millet oil, the active ingredient content in millet extract amounts to a mere 1:50.
After a twelve-year development period the Swiss manufacturer of organic and whole food products E. Zwicky AG has managed to obtain pure oil from golden millet for the very first time. The formula is based on an exclusive and careful procedure developed by Prof. Dr. Kollath which was developed especially for this purpose. The result is unique. HIRSANA® golden millet oil capsules contain the natural, active ingredients of golden millet in highly concentrated form, as each capsule contains 4 kg of top-quality golden millet.

HIRSANA® golden millet oil capsules – for beautiful, shiny nails.

HIRSANA® golden millet oil capsules provide hair, skin and nails with all the vital nutrients it needs. Vitalising substances, such as vitamin E, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, biotin and zinc ideally supplement the effects of golden millet oil.
These substances have been proven to have a positive influence on the structure and shine of nails. You will already be able to see the effects of HIRSANA® golden millet oil capsules after a short period of time. Its balanced composition of vitamins and trace minerals encourages beauty from within.

Daily gold for your nails' vitality

Comprehensive tests (institute: DWI, proDerm and IVB InvitroBiotec) have confirmed the effects of HIRSANA®. HIRSANA® golden millet oil capsules have a positive effect on your nails' growth and healthy appearance. For the benefit of your nails' vitality – One HIRSANA® golden millet oil capsules twice a day:

  • Promotes beautiful nails
  • For firm and naturally shining nails

An initial effect will already be visible after having taken two HIRSANA® capsules a day for four weeks.

HIRSANA® is available exclusively from pharmacies (local pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies) in different packaging sizes.

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Schöne Nägel dank der Wirkung von Hirse

Tips for firm and healthy nails

Do not clip or cut your nails but always file them if possible. Using a diamond file protects even brittle nails. Filing should be done slowly and always in one direction only. Carefully push back the cuticle, e.g. with a rosewood stick. The same applies to the nails as to the skin and hair: an adequate amount of outdoor exercise results in little miracles.