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How millet contributes to beautiful skin

Does your skin feel dry and tired? Are you feeling the first signs of ageing?
Do you spot new wrinkles each time you look at yourself in the mirror?
Sounds like a bad-skin-day!

Our skin represents our protective layer from outside influences and it is often considered the mirror of our soul because it ages and reacts to positive and negative emotions, for instance by blushing. An unhealthy lifestyle, stress and a lack of sleep can have a negative effect on skin. But who doesn't want beautiful skin, a healthy complexion and a radiant, fresh and natural appearance?
Treat your skin to an extra portion of beauty with HIRSANA® DERMA golden millet oil capsules with pomegranate extract. The unique formula with golden millet oil, pomegranate extract, vitamin C and beta carotene provides your skin with essential nutrients for beautiful skin.

Schöne Haut dank der Wirkung von Hirse

Our skin protects us

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body and makes up approximately 16 percent of the body weight? Each month, 30 grams of dead skin cells are lost, which must be regenerated. Our skin is also a very versatile and «multi-layered» organ. It represents humans' outer shell, protects us from aggressive influences and contributes to body heat management.

Skin and healthy eating

In addition to using skin care products that match our skin type, we can particularly influence our eating habits. Healthy eating involving vitamins, minerals and trace minerals forms the basis for a healthy body and hence also a healthy appearance. A balanced diet, lots of water and fresh air not only help to strengthen the immune system in the event of colds or a high temperature, but it also becomes clearly visible to everyone if a body is in good shape or not. Rosy, well treated, smooth skin helps the body radiate a sense of well-being from the inside.

How golden millet oil works

Millet has been popularly known for centuries as a «beauty product». Nowadays, the positive effects of golden millet oil on our skin's structure have also been scientifically proven. The secret of golden millet oil is its high proportion of essential vitamins and the almost 90% unsaturated fatty acids it contains.

  • Golden millet oil
  • Supports natural skin functions
  • Contributes to beautiful and smooth skin
  • Enhances the skin's structure
  • Creates a radiant skin tone

The effects of millet

Millet is a thoroughly healthy ingredient. The plant is very resilient, can cope with a lack of water and even produces yields where other cereal types no longer grow. Millet is also the cereal with the highest mineral content and it is a well-known fact that it benefits hair, nails and skin. Although we have known for centuries that millet makes «skin, hair and nails look beautiful», the positive characteristics of millet were only rediscovered during the past decades. Millet products are also available as dietary supplements and they are a very popular «beauty product».

Golden millet oil is unique

Millet is not just millet. Millet or golden millet is a type of flour that is processed in large quantities. In comparison to valuable golden millet oil, the active ingredient content in millet extract amounts to a mere 1:50. After a twelve-year development period the Swiss manufacturer of organic and whole food products E. Zwicky AG has managed to obtain pure oil from golden millet for the very first time. The recipe is based on an exclusive and careful procedure developed by Prof. Dr. Kollath which was developed especially for this purpose. The result is unique. HIRSANA® golden millet oil capsules contain the natural, active ingredients of golden millet in a highly concentrated form as each capsule contains 5 kg of top-quality golden millet.

The secret effects of pomegranate

The secret of pomegranates lies in the fruit's high proportion of bioactive ingredients.
Pomegranates are one of the oldest arable crops, represent a symbol of life and sensual beauty and have become a vital ingredient of skincare products.

  • Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen
  • Beta carotene helps protect tissue and epidermis
  • For beautiful skin
  • For a youthful, fresh complexion

HIRSANA®DERMA golden millet oil capsules – for beautiful and healthy skin

HIRSANA® DERMA golden millet oil capsules provide hair, skin and nails with vital nutrients, vitamins and zinc. It supports the natural functions of the skin and helps create smooth and beautiful skin.

HIRSANA® is an extra portion of beauty to indulge in every day. Millet oil has been proven to have a positive effect on the growth and regeneration of skin.

You will start to feel and see the benefits of HIRSANA® golden millet oil soon after you start taking it. Its balanced composition of vitamins and trace minerals encourages beauty from within.

An initial effect will already be visible after having taken two HIRSANA® Derma capsules a day for four weeks.
HIRSANA® is available exclusively from pharmacies (local pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies) in different packaging sizes.

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Tips for beautiful and healthy skin

Our skin is delicate and reacts very sensitively. Although we are all in our own very individual skin, the following generally applies:

  • Thoroughly clean your skin using a mild cleansing milk
  • Adapt skincare products to your skin type
  • Keep to a healthy diet
  • Drink a minimum of two litres of water a day
  • Regularly allow your skin to breathe by doing outdoor exercise
  • A sufficient amount of sleep will make your skin shine
  • Reduce your consumption of stimulants (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol)