Freund werden und Hirsana gewinnen

Research & development millet products

After 12 years of development, the Swiss company E. Zwicky AG are the first to successfully extract pure oil from Golden Millet. The process is based on an exclusive method devised by Professor W. Kollath, which we have developed further specifically for this purpose. The result is unique in its form.

HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil capsules have all the natural active components of Zwicky’s Golden Millet but in a highly concentrated form.

For radiant hair, silky skin and strong nails.
The daily gold for looking and feeling great.

Gegen Haarausfall bei Männern

The effect of millet for hair, skin and nails

HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil capsules support the healthy supply of all important nutrients, vitamins and zinc to hair, skin and nails. They give hair body and sheen. HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil also supports the natural functioning of the skin giving it a clear radiance. HIRSANA® furthermore promotes firm and beautiful finger nails.

Beauty comes from within. With HIRSANA® you can give yourself an additional dose of beauty. Millet oil has a proven positive effect on the development and regeneration of skin, hair and nails. You will notice the effect of HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil capsules after only a short period of time. The balanced composition of vitamins and trace elements promotes the beauty that comes from within.

How Golden Millet Oil works

Take 2 capsules a day, preferably at meal times in the morning and the evening. Should be taken with water. We recommend that you take HIRSANA® for three months first of all and then ideally repeat this on an annual basis. After the first 3 months, 1 capsule a day should be sufficient. HIRSANA® is suitable to be taken for long periods of time.

Note: do not exceed recommended daily dose. Food supplements are not a substitute for a healthy and varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy life style are important. You will notice the effects of HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil capsules quite soon after you have started taking them.

The daily gold for looking and feeling great

Vitamins and trace elements

Each HIRSANA® capsule contains 200 mg of pure Golden Millet Oil of the highest quality. The capsules also contain vitamin E, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, biotin and zinc.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the body’s cells from free radicals. Vitamin B6 supports among other things our metabolism. Thiamine has an important effect on the proper functioning of our nervous system. Riboflavin supports haematosis, i.e. the formation of blood cells in the body. Pantothenic acid plays an important part in the metabolic processes of generating energy. And biotin too plays an important part in the metabolic processes. The trace element zinc supports the body’s process of building its own proteins.

Two Golden Millet Oil capsules contain:

* recommended daily amount

Vitamin E

11 mg


Vitamin B 6

2.4 mg



1.1 mg



1.8 mg


Pantothenic acid

2.7 mg



174 μg



10 mg



The effectiveness of HIRSANA® has been confirmed in extensive tests (institutes: DWI, proDerm and IVB Invitro Biotec). Golden Millet Oil capsules have a positive effect on the growth and health of hair and nails and the appearance of the skin. The tests have confirmed the positive effect on hair, skin and nails.

For the sake of your wellbeing:
Twice a day
HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil capsules

International Journal for Applied Science (pdf)

HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil capsules twice daily

HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil capsules are available from selected chemists in units of

30 capsules
90 capsules
150 capsules

HIRSANA® Golden Millet Oil capsules: the highly effective formula for strong hair, radiant skin and firm nails.